Internet Reactions to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Dating Possibility

Internet reactions to rumors that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are secretly dating are hilarious and insane. A mixture of excitement and confusion, the internet just can’t make out how they are going to feel about this new Hollywood fling. Some find the relationship a bit weird and awkward. On the other hand, a lot of people are shipping the rumored couple — that finally both of them have found someone new to love. The pair were photographed holding each other’s hands while on a roller coaster ride at Knott’s Scary Farm. And in the latest news, they are seen on a supposedly “secret second date” in New York. Could it be that this romance started when the Skims CEO hosted SNL a couple of weeks back and even shared a kiss with Pete on a skit?

The 41-year-old mom of four has recently split with her husband of seven years, Kanye West. In various interviews, it has been brought up multiple times that their marriage has struggled in the last few years. Her sisters have also pointed out that the reality TV star, Kim, has been struggling behind the camera for a while with the latter recorded. As for Pete Davidson, we all have witnessed his biggest heartbreak as well after calling off his engagement with singer Ariana Grande. Don’t they just both deserve to be happy?

Here are some of the best internet reactions to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s dating possibility:

We are truly living in unprecedented times

Who would’ve thought, huh?

But, with the pandemic and all, this is honestly not that weird…

Kim, honey, we are just as intrigued as you are

The paparazzi be like:


Could all this be just for clout?

I’ll-go-to-Staten-Island-for-a-date kind of “friend”?

News websites can do better than this kind of headline, really

At the end of the day, there’s nothing truer than this

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