Kickstarter Raising $1.2 Million A Day, Passes More Than A Billion Total

Kickstarter stats

In a blog post yesterday, Kickstarter revealed the numbers of how the site has been doing in 2014 so far, and the numbers are impressive for any site.

From January 1st to the end of March, Kickstarter raised $112,038,158 for an average of $1,244,868 a day, spread out among 4,497 projects from 887,848 total backers. Since its launch on April 28th, 2009, the site has raised over a billion dollars.

That means, considering only Kickstarter fees, Kickstarter is averaging $62,243.40 in total revenue a day. Not bad for a service that simply connects innovators and backers/customers.

Since the start of this year, Kickstarter has gained 679,413 new backers. That means Kickstarter is averaging slightly more than 7,549 new backers a day. That might not seem like too impressive of a number compared to social media site sign ups, but when you consider that number represents how many people backed a project, i.e. paid some money, and not simply how many people signed up, that number looks very impressive.

Kickstarter is the world’s most popular crowdfunding/crowdsourcing site. Potential entrepreneurs pitch their ideas through a video and post how much money they need to raise in order to make the project happen. Users “back” the project by promising to pay a certain amount if the kickstarter reaches its goal, usually with the promise of a “backer reward” that can range anywhere from a short “thank you” to custom versions of whatever it is they are backing.

There are other crowdsourcing sites out there, IndieGoGo the most significant of them, but these new numbers show that Kickstarter not only towers far above other crowdfunding sites, but can also stand toe-to-toe with any social media site out there.



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