Kevin Ware Tweets From Hospital Bed, Becomes Twitter Star

kevin ware

Kevin Ware may not be playing in the final four but he’s probably the most popular member on the Louisville Cardinals. Ware, who suffered a gruesome injury last weekend, has been sending out some greet tweets over the last few days.

First, there was the photo of him holding the trophy while lying in his bed. Ware had just recovered from surgery at this point so you’ll have to give him a pass for not sending the tweet himself.

Once Tweet was up and alert he pulled his computer next to his bed to communicate with all of his fans.

After Ware was injured, the hashtags #prayforware and #winforware started Trending on Twitter. The young basketball star immediately sent out his gratitude to his fans. (He now has over 100,000 Twitter followers.)

And then he got to the jokes.

Ware has gained thousands of followers since his injury and has received some Twitter love from Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Ware won’t be getting back on the court soon but he is on the road to recovery.

Ware was thrust into the spotlight after his injury but the young player had handled it extremely well. If Ware didn’t have a promising basketball career ahead of him he could probably turn this into some sort of reality TV career. Would you watch Where’s Ware?A Basketball Journey Around The World?

Oh, and just to solidify Ware’s place among Twitter royalty, check out his new Twitter profile pic above.

Now that’s how you handle a Twitter tragedy.



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  1. He is seriously awesome because I cannot tell you how much pain meds and brain bleach I would need to recover from the horror.