Kaley Cuoco Endorses Dish, Defies CBS

kaley cuoco

With great Twitter followers comes great responsibility. Kaley Cuoco, the actress best known as Penny from The Bing Bang Theory, got into a bit of trouble today when she sent out a tweet endorsing The Hopper.

That may not sound like a big deal but Cuoco is a major star on a major CBS show. So when she endorsed the Dish Network, a company that is currently being sued by CBS over the Hopper, it’s kind of a big deal.

kaley cuoco

CBS is suing Dish over it’s “auto hop” program which the network believes is illegal. Cuoco doesn’t specifically endorse the auto hop feature (the commercial she linked to promoted the Hopper on mobile devices) but CBS still wasn’t happy with her tweet.

The message has been removed from Cuoco’s Twitter feed. Neither CBS nor Cuoco have issued a statement about the endorsement flub.

Cuoco, like many celebrities with big Twitter followings, can make extra cash by endorsing products on the social network. DISH spokesman John Hall said that “he thinks” that Cuoco is on The Hopper team. Well, at least she was.

Hall told The Wrap:

“We’ve reached out to several different celebrities and those with influence for sponsored tweets and so I think she’s one of many folks. Our goal is to introduce our products and services to consumers. We find people that consumers are paying attention to.”

Are you surprised that Kaley Cuoco endorsed Dish?

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