Kaley Cuoco Debuts Short Hair On Instagram [Photos]

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Kaley Cuoco cut off her hair this week.

The Big Bang Theory star pranked her fans earlier this month when she posted a photo of herself in a short blonde wig. Well, Cuoco apparently liked the look so much that she decided to chop off her hair for real this time.

Kaley Cuoco must be pretty excited about her new look because she can’t stop posting photos of herself.

Here are some photos of Kaley Cuoco with her new haircut.


[snd_embed title=”It’s haircut time.” url=”https://instagram.com/p/nJJubduWd9/”] Kaley Cuoco visits stylist Christine Symonds for a little trim [/snd_embed]
[snd_embed title=”Haircut done. Time for color.” url=”https://instagram.com/p/nJNYsIuWTu/”] The Big Bang Theory star looks a little unsure about her new look. [/snd_embed]
[snd_embed title=”Success!” url=”https://instagram.com/p/nJhXVkOWer/”] Kaley Cuoco is enjoying the new look. She captioned this photo “Cut,color, joy, joy,joy !!!”[/snd_embed]
[snd_embed title=”Looking good.” url=”https://instagram.com/p/nLn3fyuWb5/”] Cuoco said she had “no regrets” about cutting off her hair. [/snd_embed]


Cuoco went to her stylist Christine Symonds to have her hair chopped and colored. After living with the new look for a day, Cuoco said that she had “no regrets” about her new style.

What do you think? Do you like Kaley Cuoco with short hair?


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