Justin Bieber Suggests The Possibility Of Modeling Underwear For Calvin Klein?

Justin Bieber seems to be the suggesting the possibility of him modeling underwear for Calvin Klein in upcoming advertisements. On Tuesday, March 25th, Bieber tweeted (@justinbieber):

“What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign? Comment below yes or no”

He then proceeded to upload two pictures of himself in an open shirt and black Calvin Klein underwear, onto his Instagram. (@justinbieber)

Many of his fans supported his decision although it is not yet clear at the time if he has even reached out to Calvin Klein. Therefore, at the time no one knows whether Bieber will run a solo campaign for the company, or possibly even participate and work with other celebrities in a joint collaboration.

Although nothing is determined yet, the pictures uploaded by Justin are a strong indication of a possible campaign coming soon.

Kevin Park

Kevin is a seventeen year old high school senior currently living in Santa Clarita, California. He enjoys long distance cycling, playing the drums, and playing video games (PC based). He also has a passion for learning about technology, ranging from the newest flagship Samsung phone, to groundbreaking medical tools. He plans to attend college where he will major in aerospace engineering, and computer science/engineering. He is an avid supporter and fan of social media and loves the positive communicative effects that social networking brings to the world.


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