Veteran Actor Julie Andrews Is Currently Trending on Twitter, and Here are Some Fun Memes To Show Why

The words ‘Julie Andrews’ are currently viral on Twitter after two popular YouTube content creators declared that they don’t know who the actress is. The YouTubers Quackity and Sapnap are two popular content creators that usually live stream their gaming on Minecraft. The two are quite popular in the gaming industry and both are, currently, 20 years of age. Really, these kids don’t know Julie Andrews? THE Julie Andrews? The queen who taught us that Doe is a female deer? How long was it when Princess Diaries first came out? Oh, it may seem like yesterday to a lot of us but that was already 20 years ago.

This is the time that you realize that we are old when the younger generation doesn’t recognize artists and actors that we used to look up to. As usual, the internet went wild with the revelation and Twitter is swarmed by memes and jokes about it. Here are some of the funniest memes and tweets so we can all get a little light of the story:

Ms. Julie Andrews went viral on Twitter, IN ALL CAPS

Yes, our queen went viral because of Minecraft YouTube, of all places

A MAJOR disrespect to our queen

Because she is an icon

Just look at her slayyyyyy! YASSS!

People thought the worst of the scenario

Some worlds just stopped

Others got mini heart attacks

And for that, the gaming world apologizes, as they should

Whew, what a relief

To all the kids out there: NEVER. DO. THAT. AGAIN.



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