Judge Strikes Down Virginia Same-Sex Marriage Ban [Twitter Reacts]

Virginia Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ruling

A federal judge struck down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage Thursday night. While gay marriage isn’t legal in the state yet, the ruling sets up the potential for that to change in the future. District Court Judge Arenda Wright Allen is the latest in a growing list of state and federal judges to grant gay and lesbian couples the right to marry.

Allen’s ruling was expected since that case was heard in her courtroom February 4, reports USA Today. As expected, she also blocked the ruling from taking effect immediately until appeals are heard, meaning gay marriages can’t happen in Virginia quite yet. Attorney General Mark herring released a statement via Facebook, praising Allen’s decision. He wrote:


He added on Twitter:

As news broke of the decision Thursday night, Twitter users were largely celebratory, with many taking the state’s slogan of “Virginia is for lovers” and adding that it is now for all lovers.

Others expressed their support for the ruling by writing:

Considering the controversial nature of the repeal on Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban, there were also some people who weren’t thrilled.

Still, the reaction was mostly positive to the ruling. No word yet on what Westboro Baptist Church thinks of Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban being ruled unconstitutional, but we’re guessing it won’t be good.

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