Jonathan Quick’s Scorpion Kick Is The NHL’s Save Of The Year

Jonathan Quick Scorpion Kick - NHL

While the Los Angeles Kings have failed to score goals, there is one shining spot in their game, goalie Jonathan Quick. Over the weekend Quick once again showed his goal tending prowess with an improbably save.

After falling to his stomach it looked as if a goal was likely. However, Quick managed to quickly lift up his leg with an athletic scorpion kick.

Just as the puck is about to enter the goal Quick pulls off the NHL’s best save of the year.

The video was uploaded to the official NHL YouTube page on March 29.  In just two days it has gone viral with 30,085 views. The save has also managed to trend on Facebook.

The “scorpion kick” is not a new move. Martin Brodeur managed the same feat against the New York Rangers offense during the 2012 playoffs.

The craziest part of this stop? Quick didn’t just blindly throw up his leg, watch closely and you’ll notice that he spots the shot and makes a split second decision.

Because of injuries the Kings have been forced at times to replace Jonathan Quick, but it is obvious that his prowess behind the goal line can’t be understated.

Not only was it a big save, it helped the Kings hold off the Winnipeg Jets for a 4-2 victory. Now if only the Kings offense could start scoring some goals to assist their goalies brilliant play.

Twitter users agree that the save is the best of the current NHL season:

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