Jimmy Kimmel Puts ‘Issues Aside,’ Congratulates Jay Leno On 20 Years Of Success

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Jimmy Kimmel isn’t a big fan of Jay Leno. In fact, the late night comedian has frequently gone out of his way to insultThe Tonight Show host. But that doesn’t mean that Kimmel isn’t amazed at what Leno has accomplished.

Jimmy took to Twitter this morning to post a congratulatory message to his late night colleague.

The Jimmy Kimmel / Jay Leno feud has been a pretty one-sided affair over the years. Kimmel has taken several jabs at Leno while Jay has pretty much ignored the controversy.

Leno said: “I don’t get into public feuds with other comics … Rich people whining and complaining? Shut up. You make more money than 99 percent of the population and you’re complaining and whining. My job is to go out there and be a comedian.”

The spat did go public, however, when Leno invited Kimmel onto his show for a satellite interview. This was shortly after the Conan O’Brien fiasco and Kimmel clearly showed whose side he was on.

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t the only person who has had a bit of a feud with Jay Leno over the years. His most famous rival, of course, was David Letterman. But Leno insists that he has no bad blood with his late night rival.

Leno said: “You know, Letterman and I have had a fun relationship because when Letterman says something, it’s funny. I learned from Dave the subtleties of doing a joke, and I think he learned from me how to really sell a joke. So there was always a mutual admiration, and we always made each other laugh.”

Leno is filming his last few shows this week. His run as the host of The Tonight Show will end on Friday night with guests Billy Crystal and Garth Brooks.

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