Jennifer Hudson And Funny Or Die Stand Up For ObamaCare [Video]

Jennifer Hudson Funny Or Die For ObamaCare

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson has just won the ObamaCare war and she did it with a hilarious video by the team at Funny or Die.

The Funny or Die spoof mimics the show Scandal, while Hudson does her best Olivia Pope impression.

In this episode the “Scandal” is none other than the evil and vindictive (yawn) ObamaCare, AKA the Affordable Care Act.

Obama’s new medical plan goes into effect on October 1 and as we know the Republican party is threatening a government shutdown if it remains a reality.

In the video, Hudson plays a Washington crisis manager who sets out to deal with the real life problems faced by millions of Americans. As she attempts to solve problems she soon realizes that they are all fixed with the Affordable Care Act.

In July Jennifer Hudson Amy Poehler, Michael Cera and Kal Penn attended a Funny or Die campaign meeting at the White House. The goal of the campaign was to spread support for ObamaCare through the use of funny situations.

The GOP have created their own videos attacking the ObamaCare initiative, although their Uncle Sam video is just plain creepy and Burger King’esque.

Democrats 1 and Republicans 0. Well unless the Republicans were going for creepy, in which case this game is all-tied up and the losers are the American people.

James Kosur

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