Jen Vrabel Strikes Back Against Jen Bielema: Let The Twitter Battle Begin

Twitter Battle of the College Football Coaches Wives

Jen Vrabel, the wife of Ohio State assistant coach Mike Vrabel, took to Twitter on Sunday to attack Jen Bielema, the wife of former Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema. That’s right folks we have a full fledged Twitter battle on our hands.

Last week Jen sent out a vindictive sounded tweet after the Badgers lost. Wisconsin was preparing for a game-winning field goal against Arizona State when quarterback Joel Stave took a knee to give his kicker better field position. Arizona’s defenders believed he fumbled the ball and they jumped on the target to secure their position. By the time referees sorted out the situation and placed the ball time had expired.

Jen Bielema’s husband has moved on to coach the Arkansas Razorbacks but apparently she still holds some bitter resentment. In a message to Wisconsin fans Bielema tweeted a simple message: #Karma.

Bret afterwards attempted to defend his wife by claiming that a group of “sick and ruthless” people were attacking her. Brett added:

“Some of the comments are so sick it’s hard to imagine someone can say it.”

After Arkansas gave up a 17-point lead and lost to Rutgers in a 28-24 stunner Jen Vrabel took it upon herself to fight back against Bielema. Jen tweeted:

We don’t know if Jen Vrabel and Jen Bielema know each other personally or if their emotions are running high because of their husbands’ current positions and history.

Vindictive tweets, attacking people for no reason, and a backstory that matches the atmosphere of the tweets. This my friends is a great Twitter battle, even if we don’t understand it.

Kokou Adzo

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