James Franco Tried Seducing A Teen On Instagram? Maybe

James Franco

James Franco has built up a massive Instagram following thanks to his love of selfies, and the actor allegedly shared a questionable exchange with a 17-year-old.

Lucy Clode, the teen in question, saw Franco at an autograph signing in New York City where he was performing his play “Of Mice and Men,” and recorded a video that was removed Thursday afternoon.

The actor can be heard saying “Tag me,” which Lucy did, and shortly thereafter, Franco followed her on Instagram. This is where red flags start to pop up considering the “leaked” messages all went down on April 1.

According to screenshots, he initiates a private conversation on Instagram, asking her questions like “Where do you live?”, “How long will you be in New York?”, “You’re 18?”, “Who are you with?” and “Do you have a BF?”.

Lucy replies “nearly 18, my mum and not if you’re around” and Franco then asks “When is your bday?”, “Where are you staying?” and “What’s your #?”.

Soon, the exchange transitions over to text, and the actor was willing to rent a hotel room so the two could hook up. However, Lucy turned him down, saying “I’ll come back when I’m 18” as she was visiting from Scotland.

She wanted evidence that it was actually him because “my Scottish friends will never believe,” and James Franco eventually replies with a photo of her name on a piece of paper.

Not able to keep it a secret, Lucy shared what happened on Twitter and Reddit, and after finding out, Franco posted the following photo:


The photo has since been deleted, raising even more questions, and sparking a wave of tweets from the ladies:





Some are going as far as calling Franco a “pedo” over the whole exchange:


The fact is, the girl was 17-years-old, the legal age of consent in New York. Was the exchange creepy? Maybe, but James Franco didn’t do anything illegal, that is if any of this actually happened in the first place.

Photo credit: peko-chan

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