iOS 7 Update Gets Twitter Parody Love

iOS 7 Parody

If you type in ‘iOS 7 sick’ on Twitter you will discover two things. First, the new OS and its parallax effects are literally make people sick. Second, there are plenty of people parodying the OS’ new graphics with the words “This is so sick.”

We scoured the micro-blogging service and found some of the funniest iOS 7 “upgrades” posted by users. The theme is pretty standard throughout as users display really old devices with Apple’esque icons.

Here are a few of the iOS 7 upgrades in action:

The Poor Man’s iOS 7 Upgrade

People Who Won’t Give Up On Their Flip Phones

Artist renderings of iOS 7

If Microsoft created iOS 7 in 1997

iOS 7: Rotary Phone Edition

iOS 7 For Babies

The iOS 7 platform is a dramatic departure from the mobile operating system Steve Jobs first envisioned and when it’s not making people sick it is actually a great OS.

Do you have a favorite Apple iOS 7 upgrade tweet? Share your favorites in our comments section.

James Kosur

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