Instagram Witnesses Drop Of 4M Daily Facebook Connected Users

Instagram User Decline Following TOS

Instagram witnessed a drop of 4 million Facebook Connected Users according to a report in the New York Post. According to the report the photo sharing platform lost nearly 25 percent of its customers in the week following its terms of service (TOS) snafu.

The study examined figures from AppData which were obtained from December 19 through December 26.

However, while Instagram numbers reported by the NYP seem drastic, it should be noted that the 4 million users decline was based on daily active users, while weekly active users were actually up by 1 million users to 28.5 million. Instagrams monthly active users also increases by 1.1 million to 43 million. The study also found that daily active users were down by a more modest 3.5 million users over Christmas week.

The AppData data also only shows Facebook connected users, leaving out users who log into the site with specific Instagram created credentials. Facebook users took to the social network in droves to protest suggested TOS changes and it is likely that some negative backlash caused many of those users to slow their Instagram use over the short term.

There is also the possibility that users also chose to test out other programs out of sheer anger over the company’s TOS changes. As we recently reported Flickr Pro began offering a free three month trial in an attempt to lure in new customers who were looking for an Instagram alternative.

Ingrid Lunden at TechCrunch also points out that Instagram likely lost some referral traffic after it removed its Twitter Cards integration, a move that has slowed the company’s referral rates.

Instagram has also been hit with worse than normal reviews ever since updating its app platform.

From TOS issues to Twitter Card removal to competing platforms heavily marketing their services, there is likely more to the Instagram user decline than simple terms of service issues.

It will be interesting to see if Instagram deciding to remain with its current TOS has an effect on DAU numbers in the near future.


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