Instagram Adds Lux Slider, Users Can Now Soften Or Strengthen Photos

Instagram Lux Slider

Instagram users now have access to a Lux slider. The new feature allows photos to be softened or strengthened with the simple slide of a finger.

The Lux slider adds the ability to remove or increase a photos contrast, bringing more vivid colors to life with intense results, or dulling photos for a more subtle final product.

While the feature can allow for a more dramatic effect when working with scenery, it can actually darken group photos and selfies, making for a less than desirable effect.

Pressing the sunshine button on the Instagram app provides the slider which is pretty self explanatory to use. Slide the Lux option towards the top for scenery and mood shots, keep it around the middle for objects and food shots, and only add a touch of Lux for group shots and selfies.

Increasing the number of editing features is an important part of the Instagram strategy. The company is currently being challenged by the likes of EyeEm and Snapseed.

Check out the Instagram Lux feature and let us know what you think of the final results.



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