IHOP Fans Calls Out Brand’s Sexist Tweet About Boobs

IHOP, you know how much we love you. Your pancakes are one of the things we dream of in the morning, and your bacon and eggs and hash browns and coffee make up the breakfast of champions. So why, oh why, would even do this to us?

Back in 2014, IHOP felt it was high time their Twitter PR person started using a brand new, all-hip voice to better reach out to a new generation of pancake lovers.

Believe us, the move was so good, it had fans craving for more. and you have to admit it, their pictures are just giving us life over here.

Problem is, whoever was handling IHOP’s Twitter account just took it waaaay too far.

Turns out this was not the first time IHOP had tweeted something euphemistically sexist. Check out the timestamp photo on the left:

Twitter users expressed their disapproval.

Others responded with jibes and bemusement.

IHOP acted swiftly, took down the offending tweet, and issued an apology.

People are sick and tired of sexism online. Even if you’re trying to sell a product, it’s just gotta stop: 60% of young people agree that posting a sexist comment online, even if you’re just kidding” is just really low.

photo credit: IHOP via photopin (license)
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