Hug a Gay Uncle This Happy Guncle Day!


Happy Guncle Day!

Why yes! Guncles, or gay uncles, are a very real thing. The family is quickly evolving, and this year, social media has seen it fit to hail August 14 as Gay Uncle’s Day. Simon Dunn, Aussie bobsledder and proud guncle, gave this holiday a boost when he posted a snap of himself with his happy nephews on Instagram.

I’ve seen a few post today wanting to make August 14 “Gay Uncles Day” or “Guncles Day” what do you think?

A photo posted by ?? Simon Dunn (@bobsleighsimon) on

More happy nephews, nieces, niblings and aurents took up the #gayunclesday and #guncle hashtags on Instagram…

I hear it’s #nationalgayunclesday and we’ve got one of the best!! ? @kbaxter66 #gay #uncle #guncle

A photo posted by Kathleen Jensen (@hapahippiehawaii) on

The cutest little girl you ever did see. #guncle lol

A photo posted by Travanté (@illycitizen) on

… and on Twitter. It was a good day to celebrate all the loving uncles and aunts, and the wonderful ways they show their love.

Just them being there makes our hearts light up.

They give us rad presents.

They understand how essential tiaras and manners are at Tea Time.

They get their beloved nephew’s and niece’s wardrobe game on point.

They’ll happily do silly Snapchats with you for hours on end.

They’ll get their Queen Bey on with you.

Getting our #beyonce on with the nieces on #gayunclesday @libbyav @reaganyolotheawesome @beyonce

A video posted by Mark Vogler (@markvogler) on

Guncles come in all shapes and sizes and levels of silliness, and we love them to bits.

Even Anderson Cooper is one proud guncle!

My French nephew Martin on the Quadrado in Trancoso

A video posted by andersoncooper (@andersoncooper) on

Most importantly, our guncles understand what makes us wonderful and special, and they’re proud of us in so many ways.

To all our gay uncles out there, Happy Guncle Day! We love you!

Feature image courtesy of Adoptive Families
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