How to Watch Your Favorite Netflix Movies on Your Phone While Moving UK

How we enjoy movies and TV has indeed been utterly altered via streaming platforms. The on-demand video sector of the UK is becoming tremendously saturated due to the increasing demand.

Due to the numerous options, it becomes confusing to determine a streaming platform that best fits our taste. To remedy this, you can surf through Howtowatchinuk, which is a platform that will offer you a comprehensive list of all the streaming alternatives available in the UK.

Undeniably, Netflix is a great source of entertainment, particularly if you have kids, we can all agree. The impressive variety of seasons, documentaries and TV shows featured on this video platform are remarkable.

Lately, Netflix has launched countless exceptional films and shows that are now extremely popular around the world. But what if you’re relocating overseas and lose access to a Netflix subscription? Are you constantly on the go and having difficulty keeping up with your preferred Netflix family films?

Fear not – we have a cure for it!

This blog will go over various alternatives for watching family films on Netflix UK and while traveling. Listed below are some pointers.

How to Enjoy Your Favorite Netflix Movies on a Smartphone When Relocating from the UK

1) Employ a VPN

Employing a VPN would be the primary approach to enjoying your chosen Netflix flicks on your smartphone while traveling abroad. The VPN, meaning virtual private network, encodes all web traffic & delivers it via a router in another nation. Accordingly, if you possess a shortlist of the greatest horror flicks available on Netflix you can enjoy them anywhere in the globe.

Finding a Vpn provider to use can be complicated due to the sheer number of different VPN options. It’s essential to study and choose a VPN that is swift and secure. Considering premium VPNs are typically speedier and much more stable than complimentary VPNs, we advocate using one.

2) Download the season or flick on your smartphone

Downloading your favored Netflix flicks ahead of your departure is another method to access them on your smartphone whilst going overseas. Given that it hinges on the possibility that the film or Show can be downloaded or not, this approach is somewhat less stable. It’s still a brilliant option to have, though, if it’s downloadable.

Access the Netflix application and tap on the menu button to download a show or a film from the website. Once you select “Downloads” immediately, a collection of every show and movie that is offered for downloading will pop up. These flicks should be consumed as promptly as possible since they have a limited downloading life.

3) Examine Your Phone Plan

If you plan on using your smartphone to stream Netflix films when traveling overseas, you ought to ensure that your data plan facilitates this. For most mobile plans, a certain amount of bandwidth will be included every month; if you utilize beyond that, you’ll be billed additionally. Hence, be certain to check your phone plan to estimate how much monthly data you possess before traveling overseas.

Your mobile operator might offer you a data package if you lack sufficient bandwidth. This should provide you with additional data. You could perhaps consider purchasing a portable Wi-Fi router if you enjoy watching Netflix flicks on your smartphone when going overseas.

4) Grab a portable Wi-Fi device

When traveling overseas, you definitely should consider buying one if you’re truly serious about enjoying Netflix films on your smartphone. A handheld Wi-Fi hotspot is a compact gadget you can move around with you that includes unlimited bandwidth. If you wish to stream Netflix films in various locations or if your mobile plan does not include a significant amount of data, this is a fantastic tool.

Picking a portable Wi-Fi connection to acquire can be challenging due to the numerous versions offered. We propose performing your homework & identifying a cellular Wi-Fi hotspot that is responsive and secure. The battery capacity is indeed significant since you do not want it to run out of power mid-trip.

5) Find a resort that offers Television sets

You still can pick an accommodation featuring smart TVs if you don’t feel at ease utilizing your cellphone to stream Netflix when living abroad. Presently, smart TVs are commonplace in hotels, however, if yours doesn’t, you can demand one.

Run the Netflix app on that TV then log in through your membership after you’ve settled into your room. You’ll be able to see all of your preferred films and shows after that. Considering streaming shows and movies might take up a significant amount of data, merely ensure the accommodation has a strong broadband connection.

6) Keep Your Smart Streaming Player With You

When traveling overseas, if you are not satisfied with employing any of the proposed techniques to stream Netflix films on your smartphone, you can always carry your smart streaming player along with you. If you own a Netflix subscription and do not wish to overlook either of your favorite shows, it’s a prime option.

The Roku Streaming Stick, Apple TV, and Chromecast are a few of the strongest streaming gadgets currently marketed. A Netflix program is pre-installed on all of these portable, tiny devices. Therefore, if you’re going abroad and searching for a basic means of watching Netflix flicks, acquiring one of these gadgets is a wise decision.


When traveling overseas, there are countless ways to watch UK Netflix films on your smartphone. You should determine the strategy that works best for you. Don’t overlook taking a list of preferred shows and films for your next trip, regardless of whether you plan to use your smartphone or a streaming box to enjoy Netflix flicks while vacationing.


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