How to Turn Your Facebook Followers into Loyal Customers

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Facebook is a great tool for promoting your brand and earning revenue. It enables you to reach a great number of people and engage with them to promote your product. In short, it is a social media haven for marketers and promoters.

In order to make a sale on Facebook, you need an engaged follower base. These followers are the ones who convert into customers with little incentive and strategy. Let us first understand why you need to convert your followers.

Why Do You Need to Convert Your Followers into a Loyal Customer Base?

It is exciting to have a vast fan following but it is of no use if these fans are not purchasing from you. Not all your followers are interested in making a purchase. Some may only follow you casually or because they were sent an invite. You need to cultivate the interests of your followers into a transaction. After all, you are here to make a sale and earn a profit. And profit comes from customers. In this article, we will be sharing some tips to turn Facebook followers into loyal customers.

Tips to Convert Your Facebook Followers into Loyal Customers

Give the below tips a try and see a hike in your loyal customer base:

1.Focus on Productivity

If you are trying to convert followers into customers, emphasize increasing your productivity. Schedule a routine for social media marketing. You need to update your followers on a timely basis if you want to increase your brand’s visibility.

2.Analyze your posts

According to you, you are posting great content. But still, you are not seeing conversions. Analyze your posts deeply to understand why they fail to deliver. Decide on the posting schedule according to your customers’ active timings. Create posts targeting your followers’ demographics. Also, pay attention to your most popular posts and analyze why they worked. Repeat that formula in your next post and see how it performs.

3.Stay updated about your competitors

You have gained a lot of followers, but when it comes to conversions, they trust your competitor. Analyze your competitor’s posts and understand where they are winning the race. By doing this, you will understand why their followers are converting into customers.

You can also use Facebook’s “Lookalike” feature to identify a source audience similar to your competitor’s customers. The audience is segregated based on demographics and interests. It increases the chances of conversion.

4.Provide incentives to your followers

You should try persuading your followers to convert into customers. But you should never ask them directly to purchase from you. Instead, you can run contests on your page and offer small awards for your followers who have participated. You can set certain rules for participation such as followers need to share their email ids, tag some friends, and share your post. You can compile a list of email ids and then approach those potential customers accordingly.

5.Plan your strategy

Plan your brand’s strategy. Either you can focus on sales, the traditional way, or you can raise brand awareness. Analyze the results of both approaches. Post that you should decide on your social media strategy.

6.Be loyal to your fans

You expect your followers to be loyal. Your followers expect the same loyalty from you. Always follow through on your promises. In case, you have announced a date for some updates, make sure you deliver them on time. If you are planning to take a break from your Facebook page, be sure to inform your audience. This shows them that you know the value of their time.

7.Make your website user friendly

A vast majority of Facebook users scroll Facebook on their smartphones. Suppose they are visiting your Facebook page; they might decide to visit your website through the link provided. If your website is not mobile-friendly, your followers may not decide to buy something from you. Do not only focus on the desktop version of your website. Remember, most mobile purchases are made on impulse, so your website must be both user-friendly and attractive at the same time.

8.Make your followers feel special

You should make your followers feel special. Add an app called “Fan of the week” to your Facebook page. Mention one top follower per week. Also, you can create a poll to know what they want to see in your next posts. You can also encourage them to comment on your posts regarding what they expect from your page. Do not delay in responding to their comments. Your followers will appreciate this gesture. Remember, the more importance you give to your followers the more they will convert into customers.

9.Get your customers to promote your brand

Ask your existing customers to share pictures of their purchases from your brand on their feeds. Also, ask them to tag your page and brand in these posts. And then share these posts on your page thanking the customer for being loyal to your brand. This post of yours will make that particular customer happy and other followers will follow suit to get featured on your page.

Also, ask them to share your posts with their friends and acquaintances. This will get you more followers who might convert into customers.

10.Work on your KLT

You need to build a trustworthy relationship with your customers before they make a purchase. Before that, they need to like you and for liking you they need to know you. Hence “know, like, and trust” is important to run any successful business venture. So, your page needs to build your KLT factor for creating a loyal customer base.

In conclusion, you should focus on converting your followers into customers. And then, use our tips to turn these one-time customers into a loyal customer base. You can also give FB Post Likes a try if you are looking for authentic likes and followers on your Facebook page. This is a must-have tool to increase the performance of your Facebook page. So, we advise you to give this tool a try and reap its benefits.



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