How to Kickstart a “Dull” Website / Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy

We all know the importance and power of having a website, and depending on how far reaching or great an impact your brand has, you’ll even need a mobile app. If you don’t at least have a website, your business in the eyes of potential customers, practically doesn’t exist. And with the Yellow Pages being dead for the past 8 years, businesses absent from the web, are certainly without a paper trail.

On to the next issue; just having a website is not enough. A static, “placeholder” presence will do nothing for your brand or make an impact in eyes of prospects who stumble upon your site. If there’s little to no activity, there’s a good chance they’ll be gone without a click. There has to be something interesting that pique’s the user’s interest.

It’s Adventure Time!

Personally, I don’t think there exists any boring businesses per se. It’s just a matter of perspectives, who is delivering the content and the medium. One powerful example of not-so-sexy brands doing great things in marketing and social media is engine, refrigerator and light bulb maker, General Electric (GE). I’d say that 90% of the planet’s population doesn’t have a clue about how engines work and for the most part, we don’t care. As long as they work. GE’s target market is not always the average everyday web user and yet they’ve been able to amass huge followings on social networks through videos, graphics and rare photos of what their employees do on a daily basis.

Just check out the photo of a jet engine below which they posted via their Instagram account. You and I won’t be buying anything like this from GE but you cannot help but stop, look and say wow. That’s the emotional response brands need to soar, increase reach and eventually positively impact sales.


I’m certain there are gems within your business you could fashion in a similar way and share. Remember, no one knows your business like you do and you’re the best person to share something unique that would make the average person say wow. Whether it’s deeply insightful statistics, photos in places people hardly ever see or an intriguing story of how you changed a customer’s life. Make the impact through originality.

Publish it to your blog

There’s an adventure to be found in any given week in your business and your website or social media account is the perfect place to share. Don’t limit your content to text but use as much interactive video and photo content as possible since these have greater appeal and will garner more attention.

Hire a content manager / marketer or assign someone within the company who is good with words and is willing to use a camera or some other method to feed this to your company blog.

Your company’s ability and willingness to share real stories will trump any traditional independent advertising spend.


Collaborate & Leverage

If you’re having a difficult time coming up with great stories to push to your audience, identify other businesses or brands that could potentially complement your products and stories. Does your product work well another? Is it indirectly helping to solve other problems for customers in a different industry? There exists an opportunity.

Find brands or websites that have strong following, extensive reach and trustworthiness. Pitch an idea to collaborate and get the gears going. The content created from these partnerships will place your brand and website in front of potentially millions of viewers you wouldn’t normally reach on your own. Resulting in an increase in traffic, potential sales and building brand equity.

You do not have do marketing on your own, collaborate.

Distribution is Key

Once you’ve created some killer content for your previously perceived dull brand, it’s time to get the word out. Gone are the days of generic advertising and your new content will be a sure hit being pushed via social network advertising. This is where you’ll achieve the greatest return on investment for your advertising dollar.

Spend on advertising when you have a great story to tell.

In the end, as you spend more time telling great stories about your brand via your website and social media accounts, your company will evolve and find a lasting place in the minds of consumers.



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