How To Easily Add Clickable Links To Twitter Images

Twitter has remained relatively the same over the years when it comes to sharing content, but a tool by the name of ThingLink looks to bring far more functionality to the photos you share. Typically, images are just something to look at.

Now, you can create an image on ThingLink, link to content on the image, and when you share it on Twitter, people will be able to interact with it and click on whatever you link to. It’s a very cool idea and getting set up is very simple.

First, you’ll need to sign up, which is free. The whole process is very simple and takes just a minute or two. Once you’ve signed up, you’re presented with recommended people to follow.

You can feel free to ignore that and in the top right corner, click “Create.” From there, you have several ways of uploading images. You can upload right from your computer, import from Facebook, Flickr, or pull an image from the web via its URL.

After you’ve uploaded an image, ThingLink will automatically redirect to its editor. Before getting into tagging, you have a couple of options to choose from. You can make the image unlisted so that only people who have a link to it can see it, and you can choose to allow anyone to edit or not.

Linking to external content is easy. Simply click anywhere on your image to create a box and adjust the size of it. For this example, I uploaded a photo with a few social media icons, so I want to have each one be clickable. You can randomly put boxes wherever if there’s not any particular object that you want linked.

Once you’ve created your box, add your link, fill in a description (Like us on Facebook, etc.), and even add a custom icon. After you’re done, click “Save.”

There’s no limit to what you can link and if linking to audio such as a file from Soundcloud or even a YouTube video, the player will pop up over the image. Continue the process for however many links you want to add and when you’re finished, create a title and click the green “Save” button to the lower right of your image.

Now, your image is ready to be shared. Just click the blue bar that says, “Share This With Your Friends,” and a small window will pop up giving you one click access, or the full URL if you want to share it elsewhere.

With Twitter integration of ThingLink, those who follow you and use will be able to interact with the image directly on the site.

Also, sharing an image to Tumblr works as well, and first displays as a video icon. Once someone clicks on the icon, it loads into the full image which is totally interactive. Currently, Facebook doesn’t have this cool feature integrated, so users will simply be taken to the page where it’s hosted.

Adding interactive images to Twitter has never been so easy, and this integration with ThingLink has a lot of potential to take off, not just for average users, but brands and businesses as well.


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