How to Download Videos from Instagram

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Before we get started, keep in mind that it is against the law to download video Instagram that is protected by a copyright without first obtaining permission from the owner.

If you want to save someone else’s video to share on your feed, you must always give credit to the owner and get in touch with them before doing so (this applies to all reposts, not just videos). You will be able to reuse the content you are interested in this way, and giving permission in advance is not only a good habit to develop but also a safeguard against copyright infringement. Being contacted about a visual content that they created and finding that someone finds it interesting enough to repost it will probably also be a source of flattery for the media owner.

Before reposting content from other users, you can always refer to Instagram’s copyright policy if in any doubt.

Now that you’re mindful you generally need to remain erring on the side of caution (on the off chance that you haven’t previously), how about we get to the quick and dirty subtleties: how to download a video from Instagram to any device using these steps.

Download videos from Instagram and download reels ig to your desktop The first approach would be to manually download a video from Instagram to your desktop using any web browser. You will need to look for the media’s source code in order to accomplish this. Not to stress, it can undoubtedly be found by a little examination of the video page from where you will actually want to separate the download connect. After that, it will give you the option to store it in the location of your choice, making it simpler to play and replay the content offline and reuse it – always with the owner’s permission, as was mentioned earlier, of course.

  • Open your browser and open a new tab with the video you want to download:
  • Select Inspect from the right-click menu. Depending on your browser, it can also be found under View Page Source.
  • To open the Find option, enter.mp4 by pressing Ctrl + F. The search results ought to contain a section of code. Find the link that begins with src=, which ought to look like this:
  • Paste the link into a new tab in your browser. The video will be displayed there, ready for downloading. Right-click the video and select the Save Video As… option once it has finished playing.

The video will be saved to the desktop folder of your choice, making it accessible at any time, even when offline. It can then be sent to any device, including your mobile phone, as well. Having said that, the next section will walk you through a procedure that is only intended for downloading videos to mobile devices.


Download videos from Instagram to your mobile device First, let’s look at how to download Instagram highlights to an Android device. Skip this section if you use an iPhone.

Download Instagram recordings to Android

Something helpful on Android is that when you watch a video from either your program or by means of an application, it will be saved consequently on your gadget. After that, all you have to do is retrieve it from the file manager in which it is stored. You can complete this with the help of the steps below:

  • Check out the video you want to download from Instagram using your phone’s desktop or mobile app. Keep in mind that only the portion of the video you watch will be saved, so if you want to export the entire thing, you’ll need to watch it all.
  • Open your device’s Files Manager next.
  • Type into the search bar when you go to Android Data.

Then go to Videos in the cache. With a.clean extension, you’ll find all of the videos from Instagram that you played on your mobile device. Keep in mind that they will be listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recently viewed and uploaded videos at the top.

Make MP4 the video file extension. rather than clean. or open it as a video to watch it whenever, even when you’re offline. If you do not clear your cache, this video will continue to be available from this section.


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