How to create a logo with a qr code

A logo is an individual graphic sign used by a commercial enterprise, individual or territorial entity to increase recognition in society. It distinguishes a product or company from competitors. It is through the logo that you can distinguish one product from another. And by placing it on a QR code, you will increase brand awareness. If you have not acquired a brand name yet, the Turbologo online generator will help. Just a few minutes – and the logo is ready.

What is qr code

QR (Quick Response) is a two-dimensional type of barcode that is easily read by a digital device and stores information as a series of pixels in a square grid that looks like a black and white pattern. A QR code, unlike a barcode, can be read in two directions – horizontally and vertically. This allows you to store more data in it. When scanning a QR code, the user gets access to this data instantly.

These days, QR codes are used in a variety of industries for storing data (links to websites, phone numbers or texts), as well as for providing Wi-Fi access, sending and receiving payment information, and other purposes.

How QR codes work

A QR code pattern stores an encrypted sequence of data in binary format (1 and 0) as a matrix. Each individual grid cell is assigned a value depending on the color (black or white). The cells are then grouped into larger patterns. The keys of the encoded data contain duplicates, so if the surface of the QR code is damaged to a certain extent, it can be read.

A device (special scanner or smartphone) recognizes a QR code by three square marks located at its corners. They indicate in which direction to read the code. Having found them, the scanner reads the contents of the square, and then analyzes the QR code, presenting it as a grid. The reading process is provided by specialized software capable of extracting data from patterns in the matrix.

Also, each QR code has synchronization stripes so that it can be read even on an uneven surface. In addition, a QR code includes a marker of its version, that is, information about the format in which the data is encoded.

The QR code also has Reed-Solomon error correction blocks, which are located at the edges. Reed-Solomon codes are a special group of codes that correct errors when reading a QR. Thus, even if 30% of the surface of the QR code is damaged, the scanner reads it correctly.

Finally, each QR code is separated from the outer space by a white space or “quiet zone”. It is needed for the scanner to recognize the code.

How to make a logo with qr code

If you add a logo to the code, you can tie the latter to the company’s brand, creating a visual and informational “anchor”. This way you will attract more customers.

It is important that the logo is not blurry and placed strictly in the center of the code. Thus, the brand name will not interfere with reading information from the code. Remember, the logo should not make it difficult to scan.

Here are some online services with which you can create a QR code with a logo.

QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey is one of the most popular free QR code generator tools. The algorithm for generating a QR code in this application is shown even to a child:

  • Enters the URL of your web resource;
  • Selects the color palette of the code;
  • Make corrections to code design;
  • Upload your logo, do not forget the background, leave it on the appropriate checkbox. In extreme cases, the logo will interfere with the normal scanning of the code.
  • Select a code, select a format and download it to your device.

QR Code Generator

The main advantage of this online service is the choice of the type of information that will be encrypted in the code. In addition, this web application uses a clear and simple interface. Content selection can be done at the top of the surface. This can be text, an email address, a website, a social profile, or some other link.

If necessary, just select the type of information, type the required text and the QR is ready. Next, you can choose a frame for the image or another additional picture.

Unitag QR Code generator

Unitag is another good web resource for generating and tracking code. In addition, the application allows you to choose a color and place a logo. Unitag QR Code generator is a simple and economical software that allows you to generate a smart code with all the necessary parameters. Also, users are given the opportunity to choose a design and get an HD code.

The generation algorithm is identical to QR Monkey.

So, we have told you how to create a logo with a QR code. We wish you good luck in creating and promoting your brand!


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