How to Bypass OTP On Any Website With Virtual Phone Numbers

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Nowadays almost every popular website requires new users to verify their identity by receiving OTP to their own phone number. First and foremost it is made in order to prevent the service from getting flooded with spammers and fraudsters of all kinds. Completing this process is mandatory and cannot be skipped under any circumstances. But it is not always possible to use the personal number for verification purposes due to its unavailability or desire to preserve more online confidentiality. The solution to those and other related issues is pretty simple. Just use a virtual online phone numberinstead of a real one.

Working principle

What virtual phone numbers are and how they work are the most popular questions that bother a lot of newcomers. But in fact, there is nothing unusual about such a feature. A virtual number is the same as a regular number that people use with their smartphones on a daily note. It also works with a physical SIM card and operates in a network of the real cellular provider. The only difference is that virtual phone number is used over the internet.

You do not have to go anywhere to take advantage of this tool. There is even no need to have a mobile phone. Due to the connection of SIM cards with special hardware like GSM modem and GoIP gateway to the online server it becomes possible for users to operate virtual numbers online through related websites. So everyone can take advantage of them with PC or any other modern device that has internet connection.

It is also not necessary to provide any personal data in order to obtain a virtual phone number. Most often it is enough to complete a simple registration procedure by entering a username, email address, and password. In addition, such numbers are untraceable and cannot be texted or called by anyone. So it is a good solution not only for bypassing OTP but also for preserving more online privacy.

Getting a virtual phone number

There is nothing difficult about obtaining a virtual number these days. But since the internet is full of various providers to choose from, it is important to make the right choice and stick with the platform that is as good as SMS-Man. This online service offers virtual phone numbers in more than a hundred countries that technically are set up to receive OTP from all the popular websites. You can get with it a virtual number in the following way:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Verify the registered profile and add funds to its balance in a suitable way.
  3. Proceed to the front page of the platform and select the country of the virtual phone number provider.
  4. On the second part of the page with supported projects choose the website on which you are going to register.
  5. Click the appropriate button to purchase a virtual number with specified parameters.

You did it. Getting a virtual phone number is easy and takes a few minutes. But using it is even more simple and quick.

Using a virtual number to bypass OTP

The most difficult part of working with virtual phone numbers is getting them. Once this is done, there is not much left to do in order to bypass with it OTP. Everything that is necessary is to put obtained virtual number on the registration form of chosen website or application and a confirmation text message to it. The next step after this is to switch back to the platform that provided you with the entered number and receive the verification code. Most often it consists of four to six digits. This code is used to bypass OTP and thereby sign up for the chosen website.


Virtual phone numbers are a good substitute for regular numbers. They are cheap and allow bypassing mobile verification on any website which is useful when for some reason it is impossible to use a personal phone number or travel between countries. Such a feature is also a good solution to online security issues. So it is a complete tool that has an affordable cost and is suitable for solving different kinds of tasks.

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