How the Bloomsake Process Works

Florals have been used to signify and celebrate important events for thousands of years. There is evidence of floral arrangements used in Ancient Egyptian burial tombs, Gothic period religious ceremonies, Renaissance pageants and feasts, and beyond. This reverence for florals spans not only centuries but touches nearly every geographic region of the world too. It’s no wonder that we still value beautiful flower arrangements today!

At Bloomsake, we’re committed to preserving life’s most important memories, including weddings, funerals, proms, graduations, and anniversaries. No event is too large or small to memorialize! We use resin to preserve the natural shape and colors of your flowers so you can enjoy preservations that look just as they did the day of the event.


The first step to preserving your florals is to select the pieces you want and place your order on Unfortunately, preserving an entire bouquet is not practical; however, you can choose your favorite blooms and colorways that represent the larger arrangement! Options include trays, decorative blocks, bookends, ornaments, candle holders, coasters, wine stoppers, and photo holders.

Next, you have the option to drop your blooms off locally in Houston or mail them in. The fresher, the better, but our skilled team is able to work with flowers in nearly any condition (including pieces from dried flower bouquets). As long as the flowers are not moldy or completely falling apart, we can create a beautiful keepsake from your event. Still, overnight shipping is strongly recommended!

Once our team has worked our magic, we’ll send your custom resin creation to you within about six months of the date we receive your blooms. From there on out, you can expect your special pieces to last the rest of your life!




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