How Men And Women Stack Up On Social Media [Infographic]

Social Media Infographic

Men and women have different tastes when it comes to social media, and a new infographic from Finances Online takes a look at our various habits.

While men are more likely to use social media for business or dating, women outnumber men in the following categories:

-Stay in touch with family and friends: 65 percent of women, 53 percent of men

-Blogging and photo uploading/sharing: 28 percent of women, 23 percent of men

-Entertainment: 48 percent of women, 45 percent of men

-How-to information: 37 percent of women, 30 percent of men

Here’s where women have the edge on Facebook:

-Seeing photos and videos: 54 percent

-Sharing with many people at once: 50 percent

-Seeing entertaining or funny posts: 43 percent

-Learning about ways to help others: 35 percent

-Receiving support from people in your network: 29 percent

Women are 53 percent more likely to follow brands for special deals, but are also six percent more likely to ignore ads on social media.

When it comes to smartphone activities, women also use social media more often at 57 percent, compared to 47 percent of men.

The trend continues with tasks such as messaging and games, but men come out slightly ahead in watching videos, listening to music and reading news.

To learn more about how women and men’s social media activities compare, you can check out the infographic below.

Social Media Infographic

Kokou Adzo

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