How a Culture of Reading Can Change Our Schools and Society

A culture of reading can improve the literacy and academic performance of students, but it has many other benefits too. Why is it so important in today’s society? It can have an impact on the personal, social and academic success of a child. Easy access to digital resources, such as online libraries, audiobooks etc., has made reading more accessible to all. 

Reading improves brain function

Reading to a child creates an interest in finding out what is in a book, and that curiosity can stimulate their interest in books as they grow older. They will learn to read as they listen and try to work out what is on the page. Through listening, they hear a wide range of words. If they develop the habit of reading, they will become more literate. Their vocabulary, critical thinking skills and memory all improve. 

Developing a reading culture in schools can greatly enhance academic performance. Teachers have a key role in helping to foster this culture. Technology enables easy access and sharing of digital books today. Teachers can encourage students to find, read and share books. When students read, this often has more to do with how well they do at school than their economic or social background. 

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Readers are better able to cope with stress and trauma

Modern life can be very stressful, and reading provides a way to engage the imagination and find relief from daily stressors. Readers can also find stories like their own in the pages of a book and find comfort from this. They know they are not alone in their struggles. They can find out more about how to relate to others, how to deal with problems etc., through books. Books can offer them some wise counsel. 

Reading creates more empathy

Readers are generally more empathetic towards their fellow beings. This is because books give them insight into others’ thinking and actions. They are often more open to others who look and act differently from them. This is one reason why creating a culture of reading in schools with a diverse group of students can make a difference. 

Reading helps to reinforce the idea that everyone is human, although we are all different. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and no one is perfect. When students receive exposure to a variety of perspectives through books, it makes them less likely to judge. 

Reading helps to develop critical thinkers

In today’s society, with the influence of social media, it is more important than ever for critical thinkers who can think for themselves. They don’t have to rely on the opinions or beliefs of others. Social media can easily confirm bias with algorithms developed to feed people more of the same type of material. 

Critical thinkers don’t accept information at face value. They don’t believe assertions that could possibly be true but could just as easily be false. They will do research and examine the facts before they decide what they believe. They will try not to let personal bias or opinion get in the way. 

Reading helps to inspire students

Reading culture in schools means students engage fully in learning and are excited about what they read. Readers are constantly exposed to new ideas, and this stimulates their own thought processes. Discussion between students about the books they have read can spark all kinds of creative thoughts and ideas. 

Students can find books that inspire them, and this can help them to set goals they want to achieve. Books can stimulate their creativity and make them curious to find out more about certain topics. For example, they may read about climate change and be inspired to start recycling or come up with a unique way to use plastic waste. Reading more about artificial intelligence could motivate them to find exciting new ways to use it in the future. 


Developing a culture of reading can take time and hard work, but the benefits are huge. It not only promotes literacy but creates open-minded individuals who are more accepting of others. Readers are constantly exposed to different perspectives and can analyze issues from various angles. They can think independently and come up with creative solutions to societal problems. When they read, it also helps them to develop into well-rounded individuals with good self-esteem. 



Kokou Adzo

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