HootSuite Launches Super Bowl Real-Time Social Media Command Center

HootSuite Super Bowl Command Center

The Super Bowl attracts millions of tweets every year and to track those tweets and understand the social conversation associated with them HootSuite has launched a Super Bowl real-time social media Command Center.

The new application measures the social conversation that will take place among San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens fans during the Super Bowl.

According to the team at HootSuite, the social media platform will examine:

  • tweet volume of the teams, quarterbacks and head coaches
  • sentiment of the two competing teams for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVII

HootSuite has teamed up with FSC Interactive to create monitoring and execution protocols for the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl XLVII Command Center also tracks:

  • Recent tweets from each team’s official Twitter account
  • The Facebook likes of each team
  • The amount of people talking about each team on Facebook

The new platform will be used by the New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee and all of their social networks (@nolasuperbowl – 5,066 followers and counting).

You can check out the HootSuite Super Bowl Command Center at Hootsuite.com/super-bowl-XLVII.

As we previously reported, the final two NFL playoff games attracted more than 4 million Tweets.



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