Hoax: Stores will NOT being fined $1,100 an hour for closing on Thanksgiving

Recently, there has been a photo circling around the internet claiming that certain stores who refuse to stay opened on Thanksgiving for “family reasons” will be fined $1,100 per hour.


Like most other things that sound too outrageous to be true, this is indeed a hoax. And, despite the fact that this is a very obvious hoax, the picture is still spreading like wildfire across social media sites – primarily Facebook.

hoax Thanksgiving

This rumor claims that Simon Malls, the owner of Cincinnati Premium Outlets will fine stores that refuse to keep their doors open for Thanksgiving/Black Friday for “family reasons” a whooping $1,100 per hour.

The astronomically large number alone should be the first hint that this is indeed a hoax. Simon Malls has also already issued a statement saying this rumor is completely false. Stores can choose to remain open or they can shut their doors for Thanksgiving – either way they won’t face any penalties or fines.

So if you see this photo on your timeline, rest assured, it is completely false. No need to sign one of the petitions to “Boycott Black Thursday” at the Premium Outlets because of this unfair rule.

Of course, if you want to boycott Black Thursday because you oppose to the consumerist agenda that encourages Americans to go out on a shopping binge on Thanksgiving afternoon instead of spending time with their family, you are more than welcome to. Boycott away. You can also join the Boycott Black Thursday Facebook Page.

However, this particular rumor is just another viral hoax.



Grace Buchele Mineta is a quirky Texan freelancer, living in Tokyo with her Japanese salaryman husband. She runs the blog “Texan in Tokyo”, where she draws comics about her daily life as a newlywed navigating silly cultural misunderstandings as an interracial couple.


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