HLN’s Social TV Entry Is Behind The Times, Lacks Authority

HLN Social TV

At Social News Daily we live and breath social media. We wake up and check Twitter, we go to sleep only after posting our last Facebook message of the day. When HLN announced that it would begin producing socially inspired shows, we knew deep in our social network inspired brains that it wasn’t going to be good.

On Wednesday some of the details about the networks shows were unveiled. HLN recently branded itself as “the first TV network for the social media generation.”

The first show, titled ‘I Can Haz NewsToons’ (working title), plans to “scour the internet to present the most original e-cards, caricatures and doodles, and for the first time bring people’s favorite political and social cartoonists from the world of print to TV.”

Another series titled Keywords, is a new game show of search and tag trivia for internet addicts.” Users are given keywords and asked to provide the search term. Think of it like Jeopardy! for a younger, connected audiences.

HLN’s new social media based network also features One.Click.Away which provides “the untold stories behind the online classifieds.” The show was created by the former President of the National Scrabble Association.

There is also Videocracy, which is billed as a cross between Tosh.0 and Best Week Ever. This yet to be discovered gem “counts down the most talked about entertainment ripped from social media.” We call this American’s Funniest Home videos, they call it groundbreaking.

In a statement about the networks strange shift in focus Albie Hecht, HLN’s executive vice president and general manager, said, “”with a key goal in mind: debunk the myth that the world of social media is only about videos of cats riding skateboards.”

Sorry Hecht but the web is ALL ABOUT CATS!!! And nobody thinks that is all it is about. Perhaps reading through the average Facebook or Twitter feed would have made you realize that users share a lot more than cat photos and funny memes. A little site called Reddit has revolutionized the way we source news and other information, in the case of HLN you have single handedly managed to bring the most blaise form of internet entertainment to the masses on a massive scale of suckitude.

WIRED reports that the “network is also developing an app called #What’sYourFomo that will help you ‘collect your list of FOMOs.’ (“FOMO” is “Fear Of Missing Out.”)



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