Hilarious Internet Reactions to Current US Gas Shortage

Image Source: Funtastic Life

Seems it was just like yesterday when we all fought over and hoarded HEAPS of toilet paper for no reason at all. All the memories are rushing in as the US suffers from a gas shortage. As expected, gas shortage memes are everywhere to bring light to our currently sad situation.

Along the US east coast, gas stations are currently running dry after the largest gasoline pipeline on the US east coast closed down. The closure was caused by a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline database. Both the government and industry officials assured the people that there is plenty of fuel for everyone and operations are expected to resume in the next few days, panic buying ensued. Still, citizens immediately flocked to gas stations fearing the worst. Truthfully, this has made things so much worse. People stored gasoline in plastic bags, buying gallons upon gallons of gas.

And thus, all the gas shortage memes were born. People on the internet, both Americans and non-Americans, made the situation so much fun. Here are some of the best, and wittiest, gas shortage memes on the internet:

No gas, no work

Image Source: Funtastic Life

How much does it really cost to buy gas nowadays?

Image source: Funtastic Life

Not a problem if you don’t have a license, right?

Did she really? LOL

Tesla drivers are like: What’s a gas shortage?

Just when we thought everything’s back to normal

Image Source: Funtastic Life

Hoarding all the gas be like:

We do learn a lot from the internet, though

Wheels made out of stone, y’all

PRIORITIES: Chic-fil-a sauce > gas shortage

Sadagascar that we’re outtagascar

Yup, you heard that right – plastic bags

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