Happy Good Friday Inexplicably Trends Yet Again On Solemn Day

happy good friday 2014

Over on Twitter, “Happy Good Friday” is the top trending term, leading me to believe y’all never had to go to Stations Of The Cross with Sister Adelaide while the CCD kids colored eggs in comfort at home watching TV and not wearing scratchy polyester skirts and kneeling under threat of death or dismemberment with a copy of A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints.

The “Happy Good Friday” trend reads so oddly to this former Catholic School girl — though having been ejected myself after a difference of opinion with Sister Anthony Therese, I can’t say I was a model student. However, I seem to recall from my pre-bounce days of catechism that Happy Good Friday is a dissonant to its core phrase, one that conflicts with the solemn reflection of the day Jesus was nailed to that cross.

Is this a Catholic v. Protestant thing? Anyway, over on Twitter, the sentiment is rife, with many tweeting:

Some explained:

Okay, now we’re making sense:

Anyway, we’re with this guy:

Does anyone else feel like the “Happy Good Friday” thing is a bit like … wearing rosary beads around your neck?



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