Happy Ed Balls Day: Brits Create New Holiday On Twitter

Ed Balls

Ed Balls is a shadow chancellor and member of parliament in the UK, and on April 28, 2011 posted a tweet that would never be forgotten on the Interwebs.

With much to say that late April day, Ed shared some profound words of wisdom:

Three years later, Twitter remembers the now infamous tweet with hashtag #EdBallsDay, and likely confusing thousands who have absolutely no idea what’s going on.


[snd_embed title=”Twitter Celebrates Ed Balls Day” url=”https://twitter.com/asianch/status/460829137083842563″]

[snd_embed title=”Twitter Celebrates Ed Balls Day” url=”https://twitter.com/edhardwick/status/460826830329901057″]

[snd_embed title=”Twitter Celebrates Ed Balls Day” url=”https://twitter.com/ohmyhiddlebatch/status/460826345380282369″]

[snd_embed title=”Twitter Celebrates Ed Balls Day” url=”https://twitter.com/JonBramall/status/460825309403963392″]

[snd_embed title=”Twitter Celebrates Ed Balls Day” url=”https://twitter.com/antonylittle/status/460823626670178305″]

[snd_embed title=”Twitter Celebrates Ed Balls Day” url=”https://twitter.com/AislingBrown2/status/460823001676918784″]

[snd_embed title=”Twitter Celebrates Ed Balls Day” url=”https://twitter.com/LiamFitzy009/status/460825150632771584″]

[snd_embed title=”Twitter Celebrates Ed Balls Day” url=”https://twitter.com/adhalton/status/460822284425789440″]


Ed eventually caught wind of the trend, letting out a sigh of despair:

For us less informed on the man named Ed Balls, The Washington Post explains:

“What makes #EdBallsDay so powerful? Well, you could argue that it’s because the ambitious Balls is a divisive figure in British politics: He’s a man who plotted to help Gordon Brown usurp Tony Blair as prime minister, a man many suspect of wanting to be prime minister himself, and a man who was called a “muttering idiot” by the current prime minister, David Cameron.”

May Ed Balls Day treat you well, and deliver you peace and prosperity through the remainder of 2014.

Photo credit: Harry (Howard) Potts

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