Happy Birthday, Trayvon Martin [Twitter Remembers]

trayvon martin birthday

Coming up on the second anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death (and the somewhat controversial news that George Zimmerman would be boxing rapper DMX in an upcoming match), Twitter users today took a few tweets to remember the teen on what would have been his 19th birthday.

While Trayvon Martin barely made it past the age of 17, the tragedy of his shooting death was significant in many ways. In addition to highlighting the dangers faced by black teenagers in such situations, Martin also inadvertently inspired one of the first ever incidents to experience a tipping point on social media.

Martin’s death likely would have gone unprosecuted had Twitter not intervened to demand the man who shot him be called to account in a court of law. Trayvon’s story was not just a sad and needless death — it was also a catalyst to demonstrate how powerful social juice could be in affecting real-life change.

Remembrances of Trayvon Martin were legion on Facebook and Twitter today, with some from the latter:

Did your Twitter remember Trayvon Martin today?



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