Hankotrade Broker Review

What is Hankotrade broker, and what’s all the hype about?

Is it a revolutionary broker?

Should you give it a try?

Let’s find the answers to all your questions in this article, where we give you an unbiased review of Hankotrade broker covering all aspects of it.

So, let’s break the ice.

Top 3 Salient Features of Hankotrade Broker

Let’s start with some of the most prominent features of Hankotrade broker.

1. Easy Signup

Hankotrade Broker is an easy-to-join broker with a simple login and signup procedure. You can join Hankotrade broker with these easy 7 steps:

  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your email address
  • Generate your password
  • Enter your country
  • Enter your phone number
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Click to sign up!

2. Multiple Account Types

They have 4 types of accounts: STP, ECN, ECN Plus, and Islamic Swap-Free. These accounts suit different types of traders according to their budgets and trading needs.

  • The STP account comes with the lowest budget and no commissions at all. It requires only a $10 investment to start trading.
  • The ECN account is for those traders who prefer tight spreads with reasonable commission rates. The spread starts from 0.0 pips and requires a minimum investment of $100. The commission on ECN is $2 per side per 100K$ traded.
  • The ECN Plus account offers the lowest commission rates and spread compared to other accounts. The commission on ECN Plus is 1$ per side per $100K traded. It needs an investment of $1000 to start. This account of Hankotrade is a true testament to Hankotrade for being the lowest commission Forex broker.
  • There’s also a particular Islamic account. It’s for people who need a swap-free option because of their religious commitments and obligations.

3. Multiple Assets to Trade

At Hankotrade Broker, you’ve got lots of ways to trade. They don’t just stick to one or two options. They offer four different trading choices, so you have more freedom.

These choices include forex, commodities, CFD indices, and cryptocurrencies. Hankotrade makes sure you can explore and try different markets. They want trading to be exciting and varied for you.

So, whether you’re into money, materials, or digital assets, Hankotrade has got you covered with lots of options.

Most Positively Rated Broker Among Traders

It’s not our words, but traders have reviewed Hankotrade Broker as one of their top choices for trading present in the market.

The reviews we read for Hankotrade brokers are from their regular traders, which are unbiased and state their positive traits and shortcomings equally. However, from our analysis, it’s fair to say that most traders are pleased with their service and have rated Hankotrade brokers positively.

For evidence, look at these screenshots from leading review sites to see what opinion traders hold about Hankotrade brokers.

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The Most Highlighted Feature: Fast Withdrawals

Hankotrade claims to be the fastest broker when it comes to withdrawals. As stated on their official website, they may take up to 24 business hours to process funds for retreats.

However, according to our research, most traders have stated Hankotrade’s withdrawal process as one of the fastest. The average time reported for withdrawal is 2 to 3 hours max.

Proof of Withdrawals By Real Hankotrade Clients

Exciting Rewards

Hankotrade broker is one of the few that genuinely values and rewards its traders. Hankotrade goes above and beyond to show its appreciation towards its loyal traders. It does so through two fantastic bonus avenues: the 100% Signup Bonus and the Introducing Broker Bonus.

1. 100% Signup Bonus

The 100% Signup Bonus welcomes new traders with open arms, instantly doubling their initial deposit. This generous gesture boosts traders to kick-start their trading journey. The minimum deposit to redeem this bonus is $100.

2. Introducing Broker Bonus

The Introducing Broker Bonus rewards traders who bring new members to the Hankotrade family. This way, affiliates can earn up to 40% of commission on the total volume traded by new traders.

Excellent Customer Support Options

Hankotrade Broker shines brightly when it comes to taking care of its customers. Their outstanding customer service sets a high standard in the trading world. They make sure you’re taken care of in multiple ways.

Traders can reach out to them through email support and live chat support. These options are praiseworthy as they let you get help quickly and easily. You can find a contact form on their “Contact Us” page if you need more ways to contact them. Also, they go the extra mile with a FAQ page to help traders with some common problems.

Hankotrade Review Conclusion: Does Hankotrade Comply with The Industry Standards?

After careful research and collecting unbiased reviews from traders, it’s safe to say that Hankotrade Broker follows all the essential rules and complies with the standards of the trading world. You don’t have to try it if you don’t want to, but if you’re curious, you can start with just $10 using the STP account.

Many traders have shared their experiences and agree that Hankotrade is a good choice. So, whether you decide to give it a shot is up to you, and trying it out won’t cost you much. Hankotrade can be a solid option for a smooth entry into the trading world.


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