Gwynnie Bee’s Curated Social Shopping: The Good, The Bad, And The Awesome!

gwynnie bee 2014 review

Remember our earlier post about the social shopping experience offered by Gwynnie Bee? If you’re not familiar, the service provides a novel approach to closet curation with a neat social element, encouraging users to share and interact as they move garments through the crowd-rated system.

What Gwynnie Bee‘s biggest strength is, of course, is their niche — catering to sizes 10 and up creates a sort of insta-community of women who feel they deeply understand one another’s style challenges. Reviews are guaranteed to be written by gals who have dealt with the horrors of ripple-enhancing jersey, who understand the delicate balance of too modest versus boob central, and who also simply lack the selection available to the masses in sizes 0-9.

To say I was excited for my first Gwynnie Bee shipment is like saying that this winter was “a little nippy” or that Diet Coke is “mildly habit forming.” It was to my great dismay that my package was lost briefly in the annals of my office building’s disinterested mail delivery service — and while I briefly almost ragequit the service, I am glad I stuck around.

Customer service leapt onboard as soon as I rang, and the package of three dresses was in my hot little hands in under a day. Not a day too soon either, as I normally telecommute — I only had three days left to office wear my first choices!

I will tell the story of my first few shipments via Pinterest embeds, and I was thrilled to discover this popular choice in my first batch of Gwynnie Bee items:

Opinion ranged, and being short-waisted, the “mom-ish” label was lobbed at me more than once. However, it was a fantastic dress, and I nearly bought it. In the box perfect was this number, which went back unworn — again due to my shortness:

Next up was this navy frock, of stunning quality and interesting design, which would have been ideal one or two sizes down:

With alacrity, these items were replaced with two more — a Jessica Simpson dress, and another brand-new style which fit like a dream:

The first I nearly kept as well, the second ran large and pleated on me awkwardly — but both were of remarkable quality and design. Most recently, I got this just-in piece:

And on the way is a classic dress:

Overall, the service is pretty awesome — if I worked in an office, it would be a no-brainer. Ship times are generally quick, if you understand the closet is fluid and your choices and number of closeted items are a big factor. I would personally be fully inclined to continue, but my need for office and dress clothing is intermittent.

The one thing that would make Gwynnie Bee perfect for any curvy woman would be rollover credits for use during times of wardrobe flux — but this would be almost impossible to coordinate due to the nature of the service. Are you a fan of social closet sharing sites like Gwynnie Bee?



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