Gregg Popovich Calls Player ‘Little Fat A**’

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is known for his curt sideline interviews in which it’s clear he hates this part of the job. The reporter gets only two questions and Popovich won’t hesitate to cut you off.

Popovich blows hot and cold with the media. Tonight, during a quiet moment in the Spurs locker room where no cameras are allowed pre-game, Gregg Popovich let his guard down and the results are hilarious.

Coach Pop owned the room like a comedian. Dan McCarney was in the Spurs locker room for San Antonio Express-News and tweeted Gregg Popovich one-liners as they happened.

Popovich started by explaining guard Patty Mills’ lack of playing time last season.

Coach then claimed the hotel he stayed at in Denver the previous night was haunted. Assistant coach Ime Udoka would even attest to it.

In regards to energetic Denver Nuggets rebounder Kenneth Faried and how his team would match-up? Popovich as usual pulls no punches with his players.

Much to our chagrin there will be no YouTube video to accompany these volleys with NBA writers. Credit Mr. McCarney for the eyewitness account.

With his interviews alone Gregg Popovich dispels any notion the Spurs are somehow a boring team to follow.

[Image Credit: Tiago Hammil]

Pete Myers

Pete Myers is a father, writer and small business owner who lives in Des Moines. Pete is an advocate for veterans groups that seek to improve awareness of PTSD and reduce suicide rates among returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. In his spare time he lives, breathes and eats sports.


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