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The graph in mathematics and computer science is the basic material discussed in graph theory. Generally, a graph is a set of objects called dots, nodes, or vertices, objects that are linked to each other through lines or edges or “edges”. An exact graph is defined by definition, and it is assumed to have the same object as the dotted line B from point A and point B from point A. On the other hand, in a one-dimensional graph (a diagram or a directed graph), these two lines are assumed to be separate orientations (arcs or pointed edges).

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Graphs of real-life problems can be solved with graphs. For example, by imagining each city as a node and imagining the road between them, one can go the shortest route from one city to another. Thus many problems can be solved by “modeling” different nodes and nodes in the graph.

Mathematician Leonard Euler is called the father of graph theory. In 7, he published a paper called “Seven Bridges of Königsberg.”

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Graph Theory in Mathematics and Computer Science is a topic that discusses graph-related topics. The “graph” is the sum of several vertexes or vertices, and some edges or line sums that connect the various vertexes. The graph can be directional or non-directional, which means that there is no point in the connecting line of the two vertexes. The edges of the directional or side graphs have specific points. See Graph (Mathematics) for a detailed definition.


The article written by Leonard Euler on the Seven Bridges problem in Konigsburg was published in 1 and has been taken as the first publication in the history of graph theory. Edge gives Euler’s formula on the number of vertex and convex polyhedrons, and Kosi and L’Huillier study it and give a general description of the sources. This is how the topology is born.

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Graph of statistics. I have shown the content of the statistics is accurate and easy to understand. A graph (ICTP, etc.), a band graph, a square graph, a bar graph (histogram, etc.), a pie chart (sector graph), a line graph, and the like are used. (2) The function graph is represented by the point y = f (x) of several values ​​of x and y about the function coordinate of the coordinate system O-XY and x and y continuous changes (x, y) when by P. A curve drawn is called the function y = f (x) graph. (3) Graph theory graph. As a drawing of a stroke, a graph consisting of different points and a line of their connection is called a graph In the theory of graphs, considering only the way of connecting lines, the shape is not a problem.


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