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Govt job in bd is not easy now, everyone in Bangladesh wants to get a govt job. So today we discuss how to get a govt job in bd.

There is no job without a maternal uncle. Those who do not have uncles, they put on the sweat on their heads and prepare for the job. With eyes wide open, the job does not work even after extensive preparation for the interview. Because you have no control over everything from the job name to the golden deer to the interview.

Looking for a job in the wild? Take some preparation before looking for a job.


bd govt job

Prepare yourself mentally as well as prepare for the job. These steps will help to enhance the qualification and experience.

Think according to educational qualifications

What is your educational qualification University, college, finished the episode? Any experience beyond that? Think about your educational qualification, and which job at an institution is best for you.

Create a CV

CV is one of the means of expressing yourself to a job donor. A good CV job will reveal not only your qualifications to the payer but also your personality. So without creating a traditional CV, make a different type of CV to express yourself as more qualified and personable than the other ten. Do not copy the CV from another CV or website even if you make a mistake. Showcase your abilities, abilities, and qualities well. Present yourself differently. Create different CVs for different jobs. Always update the CV.

Stay active on social media

People around you use different forms of social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (Career Network). Most of these media seem to be some kind of entertainment. Account for these jobs, not just entertainment, but your media needs. Make contact with people from different sectors, you never know who will be useful to you. Those who are already established, may not value you in the beginning. Still read their status regularly, and like it. Leave a Comment Gradually you will catch them. They will trust you. You have to wait patiently. Once good communication is made, you will start to benefit.

Where to look, how?

There are many ways to find a job. Website, newspaper, job fair, etc. Find jobs, and create your own CV by visiting various job websites. Jobs are advertised in various newspapers. Some magazines publish only job advertisements. Many times, job advertisements are put on boards in various libraries and news stalls. Keep in touch regularly. Regularly attend job fairs. Most employers are directly hired at the Gun Job Fair. Many times, personal communication is a job. Use known people with courtesy, give a CV. Keep in touch with them on time. If luck is good you can get an appointment at their company.

Create a separate email account

Create a separate email account. Mention this email on the CV. Do not use this email for anything other than a job search. Most jobs these days are contacted via email.

Get yourself out of hiding

Don’t wait for the job lender to contact you by submitting a CV. Try to find out by going to the establishment yourself. Try to talk to someone you know or to the relevant officer, who can influence the job. If you think you are qualified for this job or can prove it, you can request a job directly. In this case, you have no fear of being disqualified, but your courage will grow, and you will be better equipped to face different challenges. Your confidence in it can make the authority trustworthy.

Don’t be afraid to interview

Regardless of the organization, present yourself openly in the interview. Present everything well, what you can do, and what challenges you can deal with. Always keep a diary. Write down where you applied, and what position you applied for. Also, prepare all your qualifying papers. Whenever you get a call, keep yourself up to date without wasting time, and always be confident.

If no experience

Some institutes hire someone new or train him or hire him as an apprentice. If no experience

Contact these establishments. Work as an apprentice for six months / one year, take on the primary responsibility, prove your qualifications or find work elsewhere. Don’t waste time hoping to get stability. Engage yourself in social work activities. Social work is often considered an experience for the job-giver. Besides, you can use foreign language education, and computer training to improve your skills. You can get this training for free or at a nominal cost in various government institutions.

Use references

Reference is an important point. So if someone in the CV is one of the most prominent people in the CV, give him a reference. Those who have crossed the boundary of the college university can show it as a reference to the teachers. It does a great job of getting a job. Besides, the confidence of the employer can also be achieved. Get permission from the person you use as a reference and give regular updates on the job application.

Stay ahead

Never stop Don’t despair about finding a job. Regularly search the companies where the CV is submitted. If you have a desire to work, prepare yourself for the battle of the job battle from education, and stay one step ahead of the other. Remember that there is no option to stay ahead.


govt job bd
govt job bd


Are you looking for a new and better quality job? Surely you are failing again and again for the job? Getting a job is not what you need? So the following strategies are for you

1) Be critical

You certainly don’t want people to criticize your weaknesses. But if you find yourself worthy of criticism, you may have the opportunity to learn new things. Express your weaknesses to the people around you. Get advice from them on how you can overcome this. Always try to get advice from professionals. Try to make time by building a good relationship with them.


2) Always refrain from doing what you love.

The only thing heard all around is ‘Always do what you love! But in reality, you are putting yourself behind many others. The market will not sit for you. Even if you are sitting with your old business, new products will come to the companies. If you do not think about it then you will be in the position you are in. It will not be possible to hold your position and retain your abilities with anything new at a time.


3) Create your own position.

Always dreaming of a good job and wanting to stay in that position forever after getting a job will not give you much. So create your new location in your workplace. Do what you have to do for it. Read on. Try to know a little more than what the guy in your position knows. So that you can express yourself more and more.


4) Learn how to listen attentively.

Abela says, “It is a powerful tool to listen attentively. It is a wonderful skill in all of your life. ”He added,“ The key to continuing to speak wisely is to listen to one another. And that’s all that is important for a job candidate in the interview room. Try to learn, when to say, when to stop and when to ask questions. ”


5) Be careful about leaving behind a job you love.

There are thousands of good jobs in the marketplaces. But you’re just leaving behind a job you love. Rather, you will waste more time. It’s better to join a quality job. Then wait for the job you want. This will save you valuable time in life.

Govt job bd

bd govt job circular
bd govt job circular


6) Start from top to bottom.

Nobody wants to go down from the top. But when you work in an upscale position, you pay attention to the following. When you see what’s being added to the following tasks, you can expect something new.


7) Try to build a good relationship with the ones above.

The key to furthering your career is to maintain good relationships with people who are in a better position than you are. It is also a very effective method for getting your position, as you get the chance to learn something new.


8) Avoid applying for a job only after seeing a job notification.

Eddie says, “When you have seen your interesting job ads online or any other way, you should first look, learn about them, research about the issues, talk to an employee of that company, then apply for a job.” This will help you avoid any hassle later. ”


9) Fix your body language.

“Body language is an important and important thing for an interviewer,” said Abella. He added, “If your hand is shaking or you have no other body posture you should not understand that you are scared. It helps raise your confidence. ”


10) Try to be a great fan of your favorite companies.

Present yourself in the interview room as if you were one of the best fans in that company. Bring a feeling that you follow all aspects of their products, including their cultural aspects. When speaking, express it.


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