Voice Typing in Google Docs: How to Use Voice Typing for Transcriptions

Google Doc Voice Typing

Google Docs voice typing is an application that helps users turn voice to text.  The built-in speech recognition tool is free and recognizes around 200 languages and accents.  The voice typing feature is both accessible and convenient because you can correct your mistakes while typing.

Many people are interested in understanding how you can use the Google Docs voice typing feature on Chrome browser.  This article will tell you how you can use this feature on your Chrome to transcribe.

Let’s get started right away.

What is Google Voice?

Google introduced a new app for converting your voice to text at any time.  The tool can do voice typing in Google Docs, serve as an intelligent phone system, and much more.

Google voice can work on smartphones, desktops, and laptops.  Actually, the app screens call and redirects them to other devices as well as offers you text services.  This technology works with compatible Google apps in most situations, so it’s convenient, accessible, and safe.

In other words, Google Voice is a popular application for voice and text messaging as well as forwarding and voicemail services.  If you’re new to this technology or would like to learn more about it, we’re here to help you.

Voice Typing Commands That You Should Know

The voice typing feature works the same way as an ordinary keyboard.  The following voice typing commands will assist in typing and editing your document.

To Add Punctuation

  • Period
  • Comma
  • Question mark
  • Exclamation point
  • New paragraph
  • New line

To Edit Document

  • Delete
  • Delete last word
  • Delete phrase
  • Delete table of contents
  • Delete link
  • Copy
  • Copy link
  • Paste
  • Cut
  • Insert link (Say URL)
  • Insert equation
  • Insert bookmark
  • Insert table of contents
  • Insert comment (Say comment)
  • Insert page break
  • Insert header
  • Insert footnote
  • Insert footer
  • Insert horizontal line
  • Update table of contents

How to Use Voice Typing Feature

You can start typing your document using your voice in the following ways.

Check the Microphone: Confirm that your microphone is working correctly.

Open Google Docs:  Open a new Google Doc in your Chrome browser.  Then click on a new document.

Select Voice Typing: Click on tools and then the voice typing feature.  A microphone box will pop up on the left side.  Click on it and start speaking.

Choose Your Preferred Language: The app is more accurate when the speaker is less accented.  If you’re heavily accented, you can use another language that you’re comfortable with and then use Google Translate.

Start Dictating: Click on the microphone every time you’re ready to speak, and the application will transcribe in real-time.  It’s advisable to speak clearly at a normal pace and volume.  Click on the microphone again when you’re done speaking.

Editing Your Document: You can use voice commands to edit your document because Google Voice makes mistakes like any technology.  Use the commands as mentioned earlier to add emphasis to some sections, edit, select text, navigate through the document or format it.  You can tell Google to select a text or phrase, command it to change it to 18 point font or bold.  In fact, Google Voice can make almost everything happen when you ask it.

Command Google Voice to Turn Off: There are two ways of turning the microphone off.

  • Command it to turn off and stop listening.
  • Click on the microphone icon, and it will go off.

Preparing Slide Speaker Notes

  • Ensure that your microphone is working.
  • Go to Google slide and open a presentation with a Chrome browser.
  • Click on tools, then voice type speaker notes. The speaker notes and the microphone box will open.
  • Click on the microphone when you’re ready to speak.
  • Speak clearly at a normal pace and volume.
  • Click on the microphone again when you’re done speaking.
  • You can’t use voice commands when preparing slide speaker notes.

Correcting Mistakes while Voice Typing

  • Move your cursor to correct or fix a mistake that appears when you’re typing with your voice without turning off your microphone.
  • Move the cursor back to where you were after correcting it.
  • You can find more suggestions when you right-click on the grayed words.

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