Garbage Collector Uncovers Whale Vomit Worth Over $100,000


They say — one creature’s vomit is another man’s treasure — as one garbage man discovers over $100,000 worth of whale puke.

Somsak Boonrith is set to make some major cash after unearthing an odd-looking piece of trash. He happened to come across a yellow, large, wax-like heap on Tarutao Island in Satun in Thailand discovering soon that it is in fact ambergris, a stomach blend that derives from sperm whales.

via Twitter; Garbage man finds very unusual treasure – whale throw-up

Accordant to local news reports, the roughly five-pound glob is worth $102,768, nearly £80,000. Now as revolting as this may appear, ambergris is actually utilized in numerous perfumes that you spray on yourself. When it comes to producing this into a fragrance, it crosses through various stages. When regurgitated initially from the whale, it drifts to the surface of the ocean emitting a foul smell. Once it’s all desiccated, the smell turns sweet giving it a long-lasting consequence that makes it a typical ingredient in perfumes.

The Natural History Museum has deemed ambergris ‘floating gold’ as it is distinctive in its ways and its’ pricey uses. Whilst Boonrith is not 100 percent certain that his gem is ambergris, he’s praying that it is and supposedly plans to cash out on his discover to support his family.

“I used to be a fisherman but a storm destroyed my boat. Now I wander along the beach looking through rubbish trying to find valuable things,” he expressed to reporters. Furthering, “I am willing to sell the chunk of whale vomit and buy a new boat to revive my career as a fisherman, because the earnings from rag picking was not enough to feed my family.”


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