‘Frozen’ Meets ‘Game Of Thrones’ In ‘Let Them Come’ Music Video

Caleb Hyles Let Them Come Cover

Auburn student Caleb Hyles has gone viral twice thanks to his decision to cover the hit Frozen song ‘Let It Go.” The cover was originally uploaded to YouTube on January 24 and it has racked up 4,895,196 views. Following the covers success a new video, directed by Amos Sussigan, mashes up the successful cover with a Game Of Thrones theme.

The new video, uploaded on April 6, has already received more than 80,000 views.

Caleb received a free ticket to fly from Alabama to California, where he filmed “Let Them Come” while wearing a crown and donning a sword.The video was released just in time for the season four opening of the popular HBO series.

Caleb is no stranger to song covers, but this was the first of his choices to go viral on the social video network. Caleb managed to stand out for a cover that many other social media fans also took a stab at.
It didn’t hurt that Caleb did an amazing job dramatizing the song, which in turn breathed new life into Idena Menzel’s “Let It Go” single.

Here is the original YouTube cover:

Speaking to his love for the song Caleb Hyles tells Auburn’s student-run TV channel Eagle Eye, “It’s just such a wonderful song and it has a lot of poignant messages in it that mean a lot to me and a lot of other people. I wanted to add a spin to it that I don’t think I had heard before, especially in any male covers, and really try to stretch myself too.”

Are you a fan of the Frozen meets Game Of Thrones mashup?



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