Frontback Updates Profile Pages With New Look, Better Follow Features

Frontback iOS App Upgrade

iOS app Frontback has revamped its profile pages, making it easier for users to see follows and follow lists from the people they watch.

On Monday morning the company updated its iOS app to include a new top-level screen on its profile pages. The new output features a circular photo, the users account handle, their full name, and a biography for the user.

As you could in the past, Frontback maintains its swipe view for uploaded photos.

Also featured is a new profile header which showcases two tabs for followers and follow lists. Frontback users in the past could view their own followers via the ‘Friends’ option, a feature which has now been removed.

Now that users can see who is stalking them following them, the app also features a user profile page feature to block users of your choosing. Simply tap the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and block any user of your choosing.

Give Frontback a try today by downloaded the free app from the App Store or by downloading an update directly to your iOS-driven device.





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