France’s Top Consumer Watchdog Group Sues Twitter, Facebook, And Google

Social Media Networks Sued In France

UFC-Que Choisir, the top consumer watchdog group in France, has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google. The group claims that those social media companies are guilty of breaching Internet users’ privacy. d

The lawsuit, filed in French High Court, alleges “abusive” and “illegal” practices. The group says social media companies have done little modify what it called “inaccessible” and “illegible” user terms of conditions.

The group is asking the high court to “order the suppression or modification of the myriad of litigious clauses imposed by these companies.”

The lawsuit further accuses Facebook, Twitter, and Google of “continuing to allow the collection, modification, conservation and exploitation of user data and that of their entourage.”

In a public statement UFC-Que Choisir says, “If the social media networks are particularly greedy in terms of data, they are dieting when it comes to responsibility.”

Google and Twitter are both being represented by attorney Alexandra Neri. The companies have not yet received an official formal summons and complaint. They will not comment until appropriate steps have been taken.

Countries throughout Europe have been very critical of social media and data collection practices associated with social media networks.




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