‘Fired Chef’ Allegedly Hijacks Twitter Account Of The Plough In Oxfordshire

the plough fired chef

A “fired chef” has allegedly hacked the Twitter account of Oxfordshire venue The Plough, posting a series of damning tweets after his alleged termination.

Social News Daily isn’t precisely prepared to call shenanigans on the fired chef story in the UK, but after nearly a day, The Plough’s Twitter page is still displaying the tweets. The story his hit plenty of mainstream news sites like Sky News, and yet the tweets remain.

Perhaps the account is truly in the domain of the former employee, and it’s not uncommon for one person within any small business to be the sole social media contact — with many companies insufficiently managing social media profiles due to a lack of understanding on how “social” works.

It should also be noted that the tweets still live on The Plough’s Twitter page don’t reflect particularly well on the eatery — but they are grabbing headlines.

It began when these tweets appeared:

The “fired chef” went on:

Perhaps the most convincing point for “not a hoax” read:

The @PloughPub tagline was also altered, to read “Let this be a lesson to all bad catering employers …”

Do you think The Plough’s Twitter has truly been hijacked by a disgruntled former head chef, or are we witnessing a clever marketing hoax?



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