Facebook’s New News Feed

New Facebook Feeds

Facebook revealed its new News Feed today.

The changes bring more choice to the stories we see on the social network. In his introductory remarks, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, said Facebook’s goal is to be like a personalized newspaper that delivers both globally important and socially relevant news.

With the new News Feed users will get more choice and more control about the stories we see when we check Facebook. Instead of seeing a mishmash of posts from friends, pages we’ve liked, and sponsored stories, we can break it apart into feed sections using a switcher at the top right of the page.

Loyal Facebook users will be happy to see the introduction of the “All Friends Feed.” In that feed, you can see every single post from every single friend in chronological order.

A “Music Feed” will show what you’re favorite musicians are posting, what music your friends are listening to, news about upcoming concerts, and recently released albums.

A “Photos Feed” lets you scroll through every photo being posted by friends and pages.

A “Following Feed” lets you scroll through every post from pages and public figures you’ve liked in chronological order.

The “Most Recent Feed” is revamped to show everything posted in chronological order without EdgeRank filters.

A “Close Friends Feed” will keep you up to date with your friends.

The “Games Feed” will keep you up to date with games your friends are playing on Facebook.

If you have any customized feeds or lists those will also show up in the Feed switcher.

Feeds will be smart sorted in order based on how much you use them. The interface will be consistent across all platforms: desktop, tablet and phone.

The new design rolls out for desktop today, and on mobile in the upcoming weeks.

Neal Campbell

Neal Campbell is a writer and artist with a Master’s Degree in Psychology, which may or may not explain why he is a writer and artist. In 2005, he launched and produced GeekBrief.TV, one of the first and most successful video podcasts. Neal writes about technology, pop culture, science, TV, the Internet, and sometimes bacon. He lives on the Internet, and loves his Chihuahua, Zoe, who hasn’t left his lap in eight years.


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