Facebook Security Director Leaves To Join Bitcoin Startup Coinbase

Facebook Security Director Ryan McGeehan recently announced on Facebook that he was leaving his role as Director of Security Incident Response at the company.

McGeehan will be taking up a role at Bitcoin startup Coinbase, where he will build out Coinbases’s security program.

After the Bitcoin mishap with Mt. Gox and others, companies that remained unharmed are making sure they don’t turn a blind eye to the series of hacks by beefing up their security efforts.

Bitcoin companies and wallets also feel the need to restore Bitcoin’s reputation as a safe way to exchange and buy goods online.

Coinbase’s future is dependent on Bitcoin, so if the cryptocurrency is deemed unsafe by more security breaches it could have huge impact on Bitcoin-based businesses.

McGeehan is scheduled to give a talk at Facebook’s F8 event that’s upcoming in April. The talk will be given before he officially starts his new role at Coinbase.

In his departing Facebook post he says joining Facebook was a big risk and he has no doubt that his new move is as well, but that he feels cryptocurrency is worth protecting and that he would regret doing anything else right now.

McGeehan thanked the founders of Facebook before saying his last day would be in early April.



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