Facebook Hashtags Do Not Help Increase Reach, Reveals New Data

Facebook Hashtags

Facebook started rolling out hashtags to all users back in June, and according to new data, hashtags do not actually help increase a post’s reach.

During the course of July, EdgeRank Checker analyzed 500 Facebook pages, and over 35,000 posts.

When it came to average viral reach per fan, posts using hashtags actually came in lower at 0.8 percent compared to 1.3 percent for posts with no hashtags.

Facebook Hashtags

Average engagement per fan was also down when using hashtags, coming in at 0.22 percent compared to 0.25 percent.

Facebook Hashtags

The trend continues with average organic reach, with posts containing no hashtags nearly one percent higher.

Facebook Hashtags

EdgeRank Checker also grouped the impact hashtags had across different sized Facebook pages.

When it came to average engagement, only pages with 250,000 to 500,000 fans saw an increase when using hashtags.

Facebook Hashtags

Findings were the same with viral reach, and use of hashtags only slightly increased organic reach with select pages.

Facebook Hashtags

As far as why hashtags are more successful on Twitter than on Facebook, EdgeRank Checker said this:

Our hypothesis is that not many people are clicking on hashtags. If many people were clicking hashtags, we should see an increase in Viral Reach for posts with hashtags. The data is not showing that. If anything, it’s showing a decrease in Viral Reach.

The company also went on to say that it is how brands are using hashtags on Facebook, and the fact that hashtags are more geared towards promotional posts.

Kokou Adzo

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