Facebook Game Notifications Get More Detailed

Ever since Facebook games took off, Facebook users have been hoarded by notifications from friends and family that invite them to join in on a “conquest” or begs for an in-game coin so that they can have another chance at winning. Although many Facebook users have already memorized the commonly appearing messages, Facebook has now decided to allow game developers to make the notifications more specific according to the game that they are advertising.

At the Game Developers Conference 2014, Facebook officially announced that they will be allowing developers to customize the notification so that potential gamers have a better idea on what their friends are inviting them into.

facebook game notifications

Although this change may not seem like a huge deal, this will allow players to have a better understanding of a game before choosing to click on the notification. Likewise, developers will now be able to strategically plan the message on the notification to best intrigue and capture their readers.

You can also find more about the following changes on developers.facebook.com on this post by Vishu Gupta.

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